The approval procedure of the radio equipment or telecommunications terminal equipment in Tunisia is organized by the following laws and decrees.


Law N° 2001-1 of January 15th 2001 related to the promulgation of telecommunications code.

Article 32: are subject to preliminary approval, the telecommunications terminals imported or manufactured in Tunisia and intended for commercialization or public use, intended or not intended to be connected to the public telecommunication network.

Decrees :

  • Decree N° 2001-830 of April 14th, 2001, related to the approval of telecommunication terminals and the radio communication terminals.
  • Decree N° 2008-2639 of July 21st, 2008, fixing the conditions and the procedures of importation and commercialization of encryption means or services through the telecommunication networks.

Orders :

  • Order of the Communication Technologies Minister on February 11th, 2002 related to the approval of the National Frequency Plan.
  • Order of the Industry and technology Minister of November 22th, 2011, setting the maximum power and the limit of the radio range  of equipment of low power and limited range